This Is As It Should Be . . . .

In case you haven’t been following the story: .

This case is quite possibly one of the most important cases involving gun owners. The parents of the Michigan school shooting have been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter for the school shooting by their son.

The way this story plays out is simple. The parents bought the minor aged son a firearm, allowing him complete access to the firearm, the son in turn takes the gun to school and starts shooting his classmates.

Why are the parents being charged? This is probably due to a number of reasons, but it should on.y require the adult having allowed the child access to an unsecure firearm. Why? Because people who own firearms should be held accountable for the use of their guns.

This doesn’t mean that a gun owner is held responsible for all use of his gun. It means that a gun owner that has a gun not properly secured or allows the use of his gun by someone not yet of adult age unsupervised should be held accountable for its misuse. It is far too easy to secure a firearm with a simple trigger lock or a firearms safe. There should not be anyone having access to your firearms without your knowledge and consent..

Some people make the claim that a secured weapon is useless in an emergency. If you live in a community in which your gun is a threat to those within your home, you don’t need a gun. You need a moving van.

Here is another link to this story:

But say you live in a really bad neighborhood, where you might actually need a firearm at the ready. Then wear the weapon in a holster which provides for your use only. I know it sounds ridiculous but wearing it is more secure than leaving it on the coffee table or under your pillow.

Children should not be allowed access to firearms without supervision, even in a country setting. But in the case of children being raised around guns, taught when and how to use them, supervision may be ,is the child going out on the ranch rounding up cattle or is he carrying it around during school hours? I grew up around guns. I also grew up around snakes, alligators, and other nasty critters. I was taught at a very young age how to use a firearm. That was 50 years ago. But even back then we were smart enough to put guns out of reach of small children and not readily accessible by older children.

(I’m not really impressed with how I wrote this, let me know what you think.)

One thought on “This Is As It Should Be . . . .

  1. ok, you are so right !! I, too, grew up with a gun in the house because my father was in law enforcement. The gun was kept where I don’t know and therefore I had no access to it. My father made sure that all of us knew there was a gun in the house and that it was NOT to be touched without his knowledge AND permission.


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