The Race Card . . .

Everywhere you look you can see things taking place where there are winners, and there are losers. You would figure there would be close calls and challenges to whom the winner may be, and all seems fair until somebody plays a race card. Playing a race card is when a person of color claims he/she has been treated unfairly because of the color of their skin.

There is no doubt that people of color may have been unfairly treated over many things, but why is everything written about such treatment clouded by use of the race card. The claims that Black people make up only 13 percent of the population but are killed by police at a higher percentage is playing the race card in hopes of misleading people with a poor data read. This is due to the use of the initial data which says that Black people make up only thirteen percent of the US, population, Which upon initial assessment is true, but as Black people are not everywhere in the US why are those portions of the population part of the calculation?

Almost all of America has been fed the 13 percent line for so long, that everyone believes it. Blacks believe it. Whites believe it. Our political system believes it. But for the claim that more Black people are killed by police than the other races based on the 13 percentage is a lie. It is manipulation of data to get it said as you want it to be said. A little additional research demonstrates a completely different story.

Look at some of the areas noted for a police killing. What is the racial breakdown of Richmond, CA?

RACE2000  2010   
White31,11731.4% 32,59031.4%   
Black or African American35,77736.1% 27,54226.6%   
American Indian and Alaska Native6390.6% 6620.6%   
Asian12,19812.3% 13,98413.5%   
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander4980.5% 5370.5%   
Some other race13,75413.9% 22,57321.8%   
Two or more races5,2335.3% 5,8135.6%   
Data stolen from

In 2000 the Black population of Richmond, California was larger than the White population and clearly much more than the 13 percent previously discussed. In 2010, the Black population decreased but still higher than the 13 percent. The point I am trying to make is that there is only significant Black population in about 12 States in the US. Limiting the data to the places populated by Black people changes the percentage ratio dramatically, demonstrating the Black population as close to 30 percent with some cities actually having 50 percent and above. Atlanta, GA is a good example:

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Atlanta, GA are,

Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (50.7%),

White (Non-Hispanic) (38%),

Asian (Non-Hispanic) (3.99%),

White (Hispanic) (2.87%), and

Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (2.32%).

It is no secret that all the racial organizations make their money by racism. Politicians make their money by grandstanding racial concerns. The news media sells more everything at a time of civil unrest. A lot of people live off racism and it appears as though they are doing nothing but creating racial disharmony.

The idea that all of the racial disparity is actually part of some sort of conspiracy is not that hard to believe. Just picture some fat old White guy seated at his desk which is covered with stacks of money while he watches the news coverage of recent civil unrest and chuckles while he counts his money. Okay, back on topic . . .

Everywhere you look the race card is being played with claims of Black disparity. We need to put an end to the race card. Of course. that will require men of integrity that can move beyond skin color and treat all men equal

2 thoughts on “The Race Card . . .

  1. I went to that website and looked at the data. I find it hard to believe that Alameda County only has 22.5% Latino or Hispanic population and 43% White population. I would think that the Bay Area is mostly Asian, Black, and Latino.


  2. I think there are a lot of Indians (from India) and Middle Eastern peoples in the Bay Area too. These people seem really underrepresented.


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