I Refuse To Pay For The Acts of Others (Revised)

The headline read Washington Post Runs Video Encouraging White People To Go Through A Period of Deep Shame and Join White Accountability Groups.

It is funny how people can think alike. A high school student, I believe in the Midwest, denounces his school, school board, and the school Principal for the school’s conduct relative to Critical Race Theory. If I understand CRT correctly, CRT wants the entire White population to accept and have serious guilt because some White folks way at the beginning of my family tree here in the US, that bought slaves sold to them in Africa by their own tribes, as slaves well before I was even a consideration for life.

I tell you, I am getting damn tired of being blamed for acts not committed by myself, solely due to the color of my skin. I want to go on record:

  • I have never owned another human being.
  • I have never treated a person of any color as lesser than myself. (Although I have been treated lesser myself.)
  • I have never committed any form of violence towards another person, except in self defense. (Although I have been subjected to 3 incidents in my lifetime in which I was attacked due to the color of my skin.)
  • I support equality.
  • I feel no shame and accept no liability for acts not committed by myself, nor do I expect anyone else to do so.
  • I do not support “reparations”
  • I do not do anything at all based upon skin color, not even my own.
  • I understand that White man has abused every race, including their own, repeatedly throughout time.
  • I question . . . Why aren’t White men, just men?
  • Isn’t every race guilty of slavery, at sometime in the past?

That being said, I feel no Deep Shame, except for maybe the acts committed against the American Indian. Wait, I could not have done anything to change any of that, I was not born until much later. You get where I am going with this? Should I be held responsible for the acts of men, way back then? Then why should I be held accountable for anyone that I haven’t had real interaction with?

I find the concept of reparations offensive. If there is any living person that was himself a slave, he deserves reparation. But giving any benefit to descendants while ignoring the fact that many White men died freeing the slaves and their descendants have never been offered anything more than a military burial plot is an offence towards every family that had relatives that fought to free the slaves. And who knows what benefit might of been realized had the family not suffered such loss.

I know to some it may seem I am anti-black, but that is not the case. Giving a benefit to one race creates racial divide. And where will the money come from? Black people seem to believe they are the only race suffering, when every race is suffering, even the Whites. You cannot fight racism by creating racism. To truely fight for the equality of man, you have to treat everyone equal, benefits go to those that need them.

For years people have been making a living off of racism. They do nothing to stop racism. Nation-wide historic statues were toppled as believed to be of racist history. Left in place, these status could have served to raise the topic of their wrong-doings. Will this important part of history be forgotten? Were there any recommendations for who might better serve for such statue. Did Black people get to where they are today, without the help of White people? Where is that historical mention or statue of such people.

The American Indian enslaved their adversaries. When Afrikan tribes fought with other tribes, did they not enslave those of the losing tribe? And White man enslaved White men long before any other race. Why is it that the White race is the only race being called to answer for it? Treating any man based upon his skin color is just as bad when done by a Black man, a it is by a White man.

To fight racism, simply requires maturing beyond skin color. It’s actually quite easy to do so. Taking blame, feeling shame, and joining support groups again creates additional racism. When you are truly ready to fight racism join me and lets find a way that does such.

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