I Got Robbed Last Night . . .

Without going into too much detail . . . I work for a retail store/gas station. Last night two Black men with guns came into the store and robbed us for around 100 cartons of cigarettes, at approximately $100.00 to $110.00 per carton. That is a fast $10,000.00.

My question is: Is this what the future holds for us as a society. Are the criminals going to be so many that we won’t be able to defend ourselves and the police departments are so lacking in support that you can’t get a cop. I always believe a person a good person unless he proves himself not to be, am I going to have to give up that belief and distrust everybody.

I work with people that distrust everybody, and I do not like the way they interact with others. But with the worlds superhuman forces occupied elsewhere i cant very well call on Superman to come to the rescue. And there are so many people doing so many fucked up things to others, you have to consider damn near everything a scam. So are we to become a society of distrust of all our fellow man?

Have you ever gone into a store and asked the store clerk for something behind the counter and watched him hold the item out of your reach until he has your money. Watch him for a couple minutes. Does he do the same to all races? If he doesn’t it does not mean he a racist. It may just mean he has had a bad experience with certain races, or something you have done has set his “spidy sense” to tingling.

When it comes to scams at the cash register, I’m sorry Block folk but you seem to be masters. From the “snatch and run” to the “my daughter is in the hospital” Black folk should receive sidewalk Oscars for their performances. What impressed me most about my robbery is the bad guy was soft spoken and polite. The only threat was the showing of the gun. There was no raised voices other than my own, no thugery, and no acting crazy. Other than myself when yelling for customers to get out of the store, there wasn’t even any cursing. Even I was well behaved during the whole episode. There were no customers or employees harmed in any way. No property damage, nothing but the actual theft of items they wanted. They didn’t even n ask for any money from the cash register.

I don’t like this stealing and thievery crap. A person works his ass off so he can buy something. and somebody steals it. Even if unintended, stealing sucks. Some think its okay to steal from a corporation, but its not. The corporation isn’t going to give a rat’s ass about the loss once they figure out how to “write it off” or otherwise profit from their loss. The consumer is the real loser in this situation because eventually prices will go up to cover the loss.

Society seems to accept stealing and thievery as acceptable conduct and there are a whole bunch of folks that do this stuff. But . . .; , it is NOT acceptable conduct. Society is suffering a lack of ethics.

If you are strolling down the street and spot a five dollar bill on the ground, whose is it? If you hesitated in any way to say “Not Mine”, you may be suffering your own ethics crisis. That bill may have been dropped by some kid that stole from his mothers purse, but it is not yours. The only way that the five dollar bill could be yours is if you lost it. You would be amazed how many people think they own the money found. Society is struggling in every way, America is supposed to be the “good guys,”

Hey, ya’all have a good night!

One thought on “I Got Robbed Last Night . . .

  1. That sucks. I hope the police catch these crooks. Robbing a store/gas station is about as low as one can go. I’ve never stolen anything in my entire life. I hope you reported this to the police. Maybe the gas station should keep a gun under the counter?


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