If You DO NOT Know The Truth, STFU!

I am so tired of people going on and on about how poorly Black People are treated vs. White People. Politicians, Clergy, and every stupid ass that doesn’t know the truth and is too damn lazy to check it out needs to just STFU until they actually do some simple research.

1.) It is true that Black people make up about 13 percent of the US population. However, out of 50 States the Black population is only significant in about 12 States. Take the 13 percent and apply it to only 12 States and the Black population suddenly becomes 33 to 60 percent.

2.) And, when applying the numbers from the previous calculation, White people are still the most killed by Police.

3.) Black people and half of the Nations Whites believe that Blacks are treated worse than Whites. This simply is not true. White people for the most part do not resist arrest. Believe me a White person gets his ass whipped just as quick if they resist or act a fool. And in almost every case where somebody gets their ass whipped regardless their color it is because they chose not to comply with the officers instructions. Do Not get me wrong, there are incidents in which Police misconduct is the problem, but it doesn’t only happen to Black people.

4.) If you live in a certain neighborhood, dress a certain way, or use slang, the “N-word” or “FUCK” repeatedly, are underemployed or unemployed regardless of color, everybody near you gets treated as poorly as you. It has nothing to do with skin color. It is economics. And behind your back, even your own race talks shit about you.

What we all are not paying attention to is the money. Racism is money. Somebody is getting paid by racism and and probably making BANK doing so. They are the problem. They lie and create racial issues that might not even exist, and we continue to allow it. The only way to do away with their influence is by education You need to do the research yourself and find the truth. All the information is available on the Internet and it costs nothing to review it. Quit being manipulated by racists. Quit living the lies. Grow beyond skin color to defeat racism for all.

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