Are You A Racist Educator?

Sacramento teacher caught making racist ‘slit eyes’ during class

Visit the link above to read a story about a High School Teacher that thinks displaying racial gestures to her class is appropriate. It isn’t appropriate, and that is the topic of todays posting.

Who has more influence over our children than ourselves, and their peer group? Teachers! Who do we trust to educate our children in what is acceptable conduct? Teachers! Who teaches a class of mixed race children each day that should never show any racist anything? Teachers! Who do we want for our childrens teachers? Certainly not a racist!

There are a lot of bad judgement calls made by teachers. This teacher made such a call in making racial gestures to her class during a “Zoom” class. It matters not her intent in making such gesture, she will seen as a racist moving forward into the future. She may be an excellent teacher, maybe even the best where she teaches, but today all of America sees nothing but racism.

In reality, the gesture may not of been intended offensive. Face it, we as a people are presently overly sensative to almost anything. But it offended somebody. And it may have offended someone that says nothing until reaching adulthood, and then uses the same gesture with offensive intent to others. Simply put, we DO NOT need anyone with as much influence as a teacher teaching our children to be racist. Our children already get taught all the less desireable things by their peer group and on the street.

As an educator, it is your responsibility to not be racist. While such is not a requirement of the position, it should be. Teachers influence children of all races, sexes, religions, and economic group. They have to be the one to teach our children tolerance, acceptance, and social expectation. We know5 that as parents most of us fail to do so. Don;t think so?

Have you ever told a racist joke, used an offensive term when referring to another race . . . in front of your children? Have you allowed your friends or other relatives do so? Don’t lie to me, judge yourself. I don’t care who you are, or what color you are, you know you have. But, how do yopu feel about it? If you are okay with it, please don’t take a teaching position, or government, law enforcement, employee in any kind of business that is opposed to racism, or anyplace6 else in which you hold potential for influence of others. And I am not only saying this to Whites. You know who you are!

Isn’t it about time that we mature beyond skin color? All of us!

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