Does Government Truely Want To Stimulate Our Economy?

I just saw 1 Billion dollars handed over to a single Mega Millions Lottery winner. The week prior I think better than 750 million to a PowerBall Lottery winner. I ask myself, “Are we really this stupid?” Lottery winners stimulate the economy, don’t they?

First thing a lottery winner does is go spend. He buys or builds a big house. He buys cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and RV’s. He buys new clothes, gets a haircut, visits the Dentist. Then he spends a bunch of money on stuff he just wants to buy, because he can. THAT IS STIMULATING THE ECONOMY! And guess what folks? It is not all being done with our tax money.

The problem is there are so few winners. Why not make a bunch of 100 million dollar million winners instead of one billion dollar winner. The impact to our economy would be the same multiplied by the number of winners. Think about it. Not just one house, not just a few cars, not just a little stuff, and have we considered the services like gardening, dry cleaners, maid servbices? A whole bunch of money gets spread aroound this way. And you give people a chance of living the life.

I suppose I have always had a problem with the Lottery. It is not that it is gaming. It is gambling. It’s not the fact that it is addictive. It is simply a way for a whole lot of bullshit to take place that should never happen. If there is only one direction that our pandemic will go, then it will be an easy choice for most of America. I personally believe there are other choices to be considered and a responsible government should do whatever it takes to make our economy strong again.

I think the original laws that formed the Lottery preclude the government using monies from the Lottery except for schools and taxation. I do not know if there is anything that prevents the changing of prize structure or not, but the winnings need more distribution making more simple millionaires, instead of just a few high figure winners. Yes, it could make almost everyone in California wealthy. Would it not provide the stimulus needed for our economy?

And while we are at it . . . It is absolute bullshit that the Lottery does not better support schools. That was the primary goal of the Lottery, and it’s been doing a shit poor job of it. Do you really think that nobody will play the Lottery if the prize is not in the hundreds of millions? Give up some of that money and actually provide funds for schools.

And, why are we not keeping the Lottery money in the State of California? In a single week 1 billion to someone in Michigan and 750 million to someone in Maryland. Shouldn’t there be some restrictions on out of State players. Sending all that money out of State does nothing for our State economy. Maybe reducing winnings for such players or increased taxation should be considered.

There is presently nothing that can produce high volume dollars as well as the Lottery. The government should be able to enact some sort of emergency law allowing the modification to the Lottery payout. This pandemic has taught us one thing: A whole bunch of folks are going to lose everything while the rest barely hang on. Our State and Federal economy is already shit in the wind with no real chance of gain on the horizon. The Lottery may be the best chance of saving the wealth of the State of California . . .

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