Pay Attention Politicians, Pay Attention Corporate America . . .

The reason that America suffers racism, is not because we just cannot get along. It’s because those making the decisions suffer from rectal-cranial inversion. Instead of taking efforts to stop racial issues, they instead create new racial disharmony.

You cannot fight racism with racism. Taking from one race and giving to another race is racist. Not only is it racist, but it’s also predatory. Allow me to explain . . .

Every program developed by both Corporate America and our Government gives benefit to a minority by taking that benefit away from White people. What White people lose in this situation? The lower income workers, entry level workers, and the less fortunate trying for acceptance to education. The upper middle class and the wealthy are not effected, yet they make the rules. It is already hard enough for the less wealthy White people, and it’s just as hard for the same level minorities, but creating programs that take from one race giving to another race is just plain stupid. And doing so based on the color of skin, qualifies for intentional negligence. (Yes I just made that up.)

All that Corporate America and Government is doing is creating anger and racial disharmony at the expense of White people suffering the same strife as the minorities, when it is their job to help all the people regardless of skin color.

You see, the problem isn’t skin color. The problem is economics. Trading one color for the other does not eliminate the problem. Not only does it not eliminate the original problem, but it creates a new problem because you have left one of the colors the loser based upon his skin color. And for all you folks looking for Systemic Racism, climb back into your big house upon the hill because you don’t know shit about life down the hill, we are all treated like crap regardless the color of our skin.

One of the requirements of employment in America is a diverse workplace where there are no business that is strictly white. Equal Opportunity Employment laws

“U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which was established by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to assist in the protection of United States employees from discrimination. The law was the first federal law designed to protect most US employees from employment discrimination based upon that employee’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Employment discrimination entails areas such as firing, hiring, promotions, transfer or wage practices and it is also illegal to discriminate in advertising, referral of job applicants, or classification.”

Do you know how many employers do not hire White people as employees? White people are discriminated against in numerous occupations nation-wide and nobody sees anything wrong with it. But, isn’t it just as wrong when the position discriminates against minorities?

There is only one solution to racism in America. Quit fighting racism with racism. Eliminate race from every issue. Do not create any organization/program/or benefit that does not benefit all races equally. Education and Employment should be based upon qualification, not skin color. Corporate America and Government need to take responsibility for the positions in which they serve and move beyond skin color to ascertain actual issues and seek resolution to such issues without taking the food from one table to another.

Racism is STUPID, don’t you be STUPID too!

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