Walter Wallace is killed by police and Phili goes stupid over a Black man being killed. Has there been anybody killed by police that wasn’t doing something fucked up? Walter Wallace may have been a Black man, but he was also a Black man with a knife running up on cops.

I don’t mean to slight any of the persons killed by police, but how many of these have been because the person did stupid just before getting shot? This is a difference between White people and Black people. When a White person does stupid and gets his ass beat up or shot by the cops we assess the situation and the moment stupid observed, we are done. Then we let it go. Black people support Black people regardless the stupid criteria, which is kinda messed up. You have to consider that that could be you or a family member having to deal with the likes of Walter Wallace dancing around acting the fool with a knife. Don’t forget men have been killed by a single stabbing. Nobody should have to stand around and wait for someone to feel lucky and stab them.

A lot of the recent Police killing of Black people has been due to the emotionally charged want of more, but why are black people creating the incidents leading to their own deaths? Right now is when Black people demonstrate they can function without being the problem. Black people should be showing they can stop the violence, put an end to destruction of others property, and seek to bring about racial harmony.

If Wallace was White, Black people would not give a shit if he was shot. You know it’s true. And if Wallace was White and came dancing around with a knife, we would ask, What’s he doing with that knife? And, most of us would say . . .” trying to get killed.” And that would be the end of the story.

There is no true merit in supporting a person endangering himself or others. So why do it? Wouldn’t you cause have better meaning if it supported those that did not bring about their own end, themselves? How do you stand for a man that creates his own failure? Is it racist do support him, regardless his own fault because of the color of his skin?

( I wrote this hoping to get an answer. Are Black people protesting Black people doing wrongs, just because of the color of their skin? And, if the Black guy was White . . . Would he be given the same support?)

Happy Thanksgiving Folks!

Happy T-Day

There is no requirement that you enjoy Thanksgiving Day. You are not forced to eat as much of that turkey as you can fit in you, or stuff yourself with stuffing. And, maybe you should have stopped at a single slice of pie, rather than the whole pie.

As you sit reclining on the sofa with your belt undone, passing the occasional belch and lord knows what else, you still have no requirement to enjoy it.

Following dinner your arguments with both your brother and your father over some football player and teams appeared as though the three of you had enjoyed far too much beer. And the argument with your little sister regarding the length of the dress she chose to wear for her date this evening almost turned violent. But again, there is no requirement of enjoyment.

However, when you and your friend return to your home talking of the days events as she drives, and you re-play the day in your head, heed my warning:

You are required to enjoy your THANKSGIVING DAY because it may never happen this way again. Even though you may forget how much a pig you made of yourself, you will always remember how much you love your mother’s turkey dressing. You will forever appreciate how strongly your brother and father defended their football choices, even though their choices sucked. Your little sister, who left the house looking like my grandmother may have dressed, might forgive you for ragging on her about her dress, but will always love you for caring.

Yes, you are required to enjoy Thanksgiving Day and hope you have many more to enjoy in the future.