Another Cop Beating A Citizen Story . . .

Here’s a story about a fella got his ass whipped by Vallejo PD officers . . .

Man beaten by Vallejo police will receive $750,000. Now he plans to leave town for good

By Otis R. Taylor Jr.  

Here’s a guy minding his own business when Vallejo Police Officers decide to beat his ass good, for being the wrong color in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now this being Vallejo and cops kicking ass, got to be another Black fella? Nope! A middle-aged White guy working on his fence and he didn’t even resist, but he did live.

Guess what folks? Cops do treat White folk as bad as they treat Black folk! Of course they do, but racists will tell you different. They will claim Black folk treated worse and getting killed more by police than others. There wasn’t any marching, protesting, rioting, looting, or causing harm to others for this guy. ALL LIVES MATTER!

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