Another Cop Beating A Citizen Story . . .

Here’s a story about a fella got his ass whipped by Vallejo PD officers . . .

Man beaten by Vallejo police will receive $750,000. Now he plans to leave town for good

By Otis R. Taylor Jr.  

Here’s a guy minding his own business when Vallejo Police Officers decide to beat his ass good, for being the wrong color in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now this being Vallejo and cops kicking ass, got to be another Black fella? Nope! A middle-aged White guy working on his fence and he didn’t even resist, but he did live.

Guess what folks? Cops do treat White folk as bad as they treat Black folk! Of course they do, but racists will tell you different. They will claim Black folk treated worse and getting killed more by police than others. There wasn’t any marching, protesting, rioting, looting, or causing harm to others for this guy. ALL LIVES MATTER!

Cops Kill 2 Guys That . . .

Two young Black men were killed by police acting in self-defense. But, that isn’t what the headlines say. It seems the media will do anything to sell their product. It matters not, newspapers, magazines, TV news, or any other type of publication . . . The headline rarely matches the story. The following is the prop for the CBS News video on the situation

Video shows Florida deputy fatally shooting teens in moving car.

Video released by a Florida sheriff’s office shows two deputies pulling their weapons and one firing at a car as it drives near him in a shooting that killed two Black teenagers. A.J. Crooms, 16, and Sincere Pierce, 18, were killed last week in Cocoa, Florida

So why doesn’t this headline read Cops kill 2 . . . ? I cannot bring myself to finish the sentence, but the questions need to be asked because all over America today people are demonstrating, rioting, looting, and causing harm to others because some believe that this situation would have turned out better had the guys shot by police been White. The only way this situation could have turned out better is if the kid didn’t aim his car at the cop. This was clearly poor decision-making skills demonstrated by these youngsters. Where does it say that someone can try to kill a cop and the cop doesn’t get to do anything about it?

Most of the people subject of the racial unrest recently have been killed subsequent to resisting arrest. All these people had to do was not resist. This is not that difficult to understand. Cop comes to arrest you, you get arrested. Cop comes to arrest you and you resist, what happens next is your fault. But, it’s easy to blame someone else. It’s easy not to take responsibility for your own actions. I agree it’s a shame that anyone gets hurt or killed by police, but they didn’t have to get hurt or killed. Folks out there today are forgetting that with the exception of a couple instances, most of these people were the cause of their being harmed. Even George Floyd would not have been on the ground with a cops knee in his back had he of just complied with police and allow himself be arrested.

And, it matters not the color of your skin, your sex, your age, or your religion . . . If you resist, you chose to be where it went next. Yet we continue to protest, riot, loot, and cause others harm. Why? I know damn well that nobody would give a damn if I got hurt of killed resisting arrest. Are these people more important than myself? Maybe All Lives Don’t Matter!