Affirmative Racism

The headline “Appeals court upholds Harvard’s affirmative action policy” is “affirmative racism” and it is “affirmative racism” by a a school of higher learning. If I was a minority I would not attend Harvard. How would you like to be known as the person that got into school because of your skin color regardless your qualification?

That is exactly what Harvard has done. No matter the reason, their Affirmative Action Policy leaves every minority student that attends school there the label of “less” even if their qualifications are better than others, simply due to skin color.

You cannot fight racism with racism and contrary to the definition, any program that serves to provide skin color benefit or advantage over other skin color is racism. Our school of higher learning doesn’t care if the minority student wants to hold his/her head high so long as they satisfy the school’s need for diversity in the population in attendance. Do you really think that a minority student wants to be considered less than others just because he is a minority? That is the only benefit provided by this policy. Seriously how can this be considered any benefit? 10 years after graduating with honors some Black guy is going to apply for a job and the HR person is going to see “Black Guy” vs. “Harvard” and immediately assume the Black Guy lesser simply because he thinks “affirmative action” instead of qualification and even if you get the job everyone thinks less of you.

How stupid are we? If you want to fight racism you don’t reduce qualification. To fight racism you need to maintain qualification and get rid of the racist that is deciding who attends based on skin color. You would expect a school of higher learning to have moved beyond racism rather than embrace it. Yeah, we’re that stupid!