How Did Biden Beat Trump? Kamala Harris!

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Biden alone couldn’t beat Trump even with Trump ranting and acting stupid. But, Kamala Harris could. Actually Kamala Harris could of beat Trump without Biden. But will Kamala Harris rein fairly as the Vice President of the United States?

Kamala Harris is a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter, which is clearly a radical racist organization. She is already noted as “The First Black Woman To . . . ” for numerous events and now the first Black Woman Vice President.

The Black Community is under the impression that Kamala Harris is gong to do everything “Black” that she can. I find it hard to believe that Kamala Harris is not smart enough to recognize the difference between racism and racial rhetoric.

Almost every campaign started to benefit Black people has made somebody money to wage the campaign. Simply put, they made heir money off of racism. Recent events have brought about a whole new bunch of folks eager to make their money off of racism. Is Kamala Harris smart enough to recognize that you cannot fight racism with racism? We should hope so.

Voters recently struck down an attempt to revive Affirmative Action in California. Affirmative Action was a program from the 60’s I believe that gave special consideration to Black people for hiring and promotion. It was famous for getting unqualified people hired into positions simply because of their skin color. And the qualified applicants were the losers. California is beyond such as they already see hiring the best qualified regardless of skin color the best practice.

But not all of the United States is as concerned with equality as California as evidenced by Corporate America’s race to donate money to Black Lives Matter subsequent to the death of George Floyd while in police custody. Corporate America didn’t even check to see what type of organization Black Lives Matter was, they just started making big donations to an organization due to it’s name. We hope Kamala Harris can see better than Corporate America.

Racism cannot stop racism, but it can create new racism. Any government program considered for the future should hold a specific requirement to not benefit one race more than another. Look around, every race is going through the same strife. It is economy not skin color the problem, but people have to go beyond skin color to see it. And, you have to eliminate use of the “race card” to blame everything wrong due to racism.

Kamala Harris shows promise of being an excellent Vice President and possibly future President so long as she can see beyond skin color and educate the rest of America to see as well.

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