Trump Gets More Minority Support Than Ever – Republicans . . .

I just read a news story that claimed Trump had received more minority support this election than republicans in the past. The mere fact that he receives any votes or support at all after the past four years is justification for giving him a free roll in the game. I say forget the election, let’s appoint Trump President for another four years, less Pelosi.

Over the past four years Pelosi has done everything she could to derail Donald Trump’s presidency. She has lied, cheated, and stole in here efforts to cause Trump’s removal from office without fear of reprisal from the people of the United States and for that we should all feel guilty.

Not once did we consider that the reason Trump was elected was because we grew tired of bullshit politicians that did nothing at all, thus hiring Trump “The Businessman” for the job. But Trump never got to do the job. From day one as President, Trump was hounded by Pelosi. And then she spends millions of tax payer dollars trying to impeach Trump on bogus charges. I can’t get away with owing the Tax Man one hundred dollars, while Pelosi pisses away millions? Then the pandemic hits and Trump has to put up with Pelosi underfoot and in his face throughout all of it, including her making sure Trump doesn’t get to send out a second stimulus check because that would win him votes if it happened.

Now it appears that Donald Trump has a lot of minority support during this election. More than any other Republican in the past. That alone should cause pause to this abusive election. Not abusive to them, but abusive to us that have to see and hear it daily. Anyway, if Trump has such support put his ass back in office and kick Pelosi out of hers and maybe Trump can put an end to the current racial disharmony before somebody else in government makes it worse.

Hey, it was just an idea. It beats the hell out of another four year of politician lies and failures. I see we still have Pelosi to look forward to. Wonder who she will bitch at night and day now with Trump gone. Let’s not forget Pelosi the reason no second stimulus check. She don’t care she can afford this months rent, she still employed during pandemic.

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