Do You Really Care?

I mean do you care about the things happening in your neighborhood, your city, your state, your country, or even the planet? Do you care about the crime, the hatred, the social and racial unrest, or who is killing who? I find it very depressing that many don’t give a raggidty rats ass about any of it.

Our youth are really disinterested in facts, but chase social media like it’s the know-all and guide of the future. Don’t they realize that most of the hype they read is bullshit. They have no sense of value, or it has been misplaced. They would rather destroy the world than seek out the real reasons for their problems. Many see mayhem as a way of life. Many believe that they won’t live to see the age of 30. Almost all fail to see a bright future.

Late at night you hear the screams, the crying, the gunshots ringing in the darkness. You hear the cars burning rubber as they round the corner doing a early evening drive-by to the neighbor across the street, the roar of the guns as they fire into the front of his house, killing half of his family. Human life no longer has value. Kill the mama’s, the sisters, and the babies there no longer is any honor to the killings, only bullshit created by one asshole or another.

Your children face danger every moment of their day, and most of us do not understand how dangerous it is for a child to be on the street, even in broad daylight. Son’s are being forced to play gangland while girls are raped or pimped on the same streets they walk to school each day.

Schools are no longer safe for children or teacher, random violence erupts in moment that moments before were the sounds of laughter. And the honorable fight in which nobody used a gun but fought a fair contest man-to-man, are old history. Kids now find shooting up a whole classroom of fellow students, a way to show the world that they are tired of your bullshit.

Do you really care about the world right outside of your door? Join this site and let’s see if we can somehow make life better for us all. Come join the conversation . . .

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