Terry Crew . . .

Terry Crew made history today, as a Black man standing tall without Black Lives Matter. The “BET” network site has the story. Terry Crew spoke out about Black Lives Matter a little while back. He caught a lot of flack over his comments, but I say it is refreshing to see a Black man that isn’t a racist. That is unfair of me to say, I know a lot of honorable Black men, that stand alone.

The first thing you have to recognize is Black Lives Matter is a racist organization. Black lives Matter was not meant to be the organization it is today. BLM was formed by a couple of activists in support of homosexuals. Never was the idea that Corporate America would shower you with millions in donations, just because you had the name “Black Lives Matter.”

When George Floyd got killed by a cop holding him to the ground with a knee to his back, nobody cared that BLM had nothing to do with George Floyd, his life or his death. But, when half the world believed BLM was a group seeking the betterment of Black people by support from corporate America, in mass quantities of dollars. These political activists struck it rich and acquired fame to go with the fortune.

At the same time 95% of the Black populace and a significant quantity of White people became lemmings following the hype of BLM. It doesn’t matter that they started acting racist and became criminals without even checking the validity of the information they are angry about. Think of all those people participating in the mayhem, riots, and looting. . . They are all criminals now. (Like I give a shit!) I don’t care about the criminal near so much as being used to prove you can make data tell anything you want it to by simply stopping the data where you want it.

You see, the Washington Post database that was made to prove cops were killing more Black people than the other races did that by proving so many Black people killed in relation to Black people being only 13% of the U.S. population. And, the database supported such claim, if that’s where you stop reading the data.

By going deeper into the data collected and cross-referencing other data within the same database we discover that Black people may only be 13% of the U.S. population, but in the 12 or so states that there is a significant Black population, Black people are 23 to 55 percent of the population. And, that police kill White people at least two times more often. (Again, like I could give a shit) What I do care about is the future racial harmony of the planet.

If any of you all believe Black people have it worse than anyone else, you are wrong. Look beyond skin color. Can you see it? There are people of all races going through the same shit, because of economics. Think back 30 years. The poor section of town was the Black neighborhood and on the other side of town, a White trailer park. The Black neighborhood had more people than the trailer park.

Today, the poorer neighborhoods are intercity or immediate suburbs with a populace of every color there is and there are at least as many White people as there are of other race. We all get treated like shit by the Courts, the Cops, and the City/County Services. Take a minute, go beyond skin color. You don’t have to look hard, people of all colors wading through the same shit every day.

Terry Crew said it right. For there to be success in the future all colors need to come together and build something better. I may be putting words to his meaning but, he’s right. C’mon people (Let’s give a shit) look beyond skin color, let’s build a better future.

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