No Menthol, Because Black Lives Matter

I read an article yesterday or this morning that said starting January 1, 2021 the State of California makes it the sale of menthol cigarettes unlawful/illegal. The article I read claimed the reason was because Black Lives Matter. The Black Community has been fighting Big Tobacco for a while claiming their advertisements are targeting Blacks and hurting Black people.


This is another example of racism. Rather than make a concerted effort trying to eliminate the sale of menthol tobacco products to all people, the focus is towards the Blacks. Do not misunderstand, they are right. Big Tobacco targets the Black community in sale of menthol products. But is this just a Black issue? Of course, it isn’t.

Do you think White people are targeted by Big Tobacco? How about Marlboro, Winston, Camel, Marlboro, Marlboro, and Marlboro? (Just noting the numerous labels of Marlboro cigarettes and the sales to the White community.)

My point really has little to do with cigarettes. my point is that the fight against Big Tobacco is being waged by skin color. Somebody is making money off skin color. Do they believe that eliminating the retail sale of menthol products is going to stop Black people smoking? It might get a couple individuals to stop, but most are going to smoke something else.

Or, Menthol products will achieve a new level of cool and the Black Market of menthol goods will create a whole new source of income for somebody. Our city streets will likely have young people standing on corners selling bootleg Newport and Kool cigarettes. Think of the lost taxation. Think about the loss of income to Small Business. Think about who will be selling the bootleg cigarettes.

Sure, there will be White people capitalizing on illegal cigarette sales, but as menthol is more a Black than White thing, don’t you think Black youngsters are going to be out there trying to make a buck, and eventually become targets for police? Of course, they will.

What will this lead to? It will lead to continuing racism by people making money from skin color.

You cannot stop racism by racism. Eliminate skin color from every issue and seek the real issue needing resolve. This is not a Black issue when you look beyond skin color. Big Tobacco targets everybody, with differing advertisements. All these people are doing is creating another situation in which eventually some kid is going to end up hurt by police. The kids will be blamed, the cops will be blamed, and Big Tobacco will be blamed. But will the racists cause this action be held responsible? Not a chance!

Big Tobacco Uses Menthol РTo Kill Black Communities

Racism is stoopid, don’t be stoopid!

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