When Will we Learn?

I keep saying that you cannot fight racism with racism, but the word isn’t getting out there. You cannot give something to one race while taking it from another without creating a race issue. Add a little loss to one side or the other and you have commenced making a racist.

I read somewhere today that somebody wanted to bring back “Affirmative Action.” Affirmative Action is a program that was started a long time ago and I think stopped in 1996. What is Affirmative Action:

Affirmative action originally referred to a set of policies and practices preventing discrimination based on race, creed, color and national origins. It now often refers to policies positively supporting members of disadvantaged or underrepresented groups that have previously suffered discrimination in areas such as education, employment and housing. (thank you Wikipedia)

The problem with this type of program is it takes from the Whites and gives to Minorities without regard to whom it displaces. You see, this isn’t a case of two men of equal qualification competing for the same job. This is where one man gets the job because of the color of his skin and the qualified individual is stuck in a lower level job because of it. If you can’t see how this can create racism you aren’t paying attention. Nobody wins in this situation. Actually nobody wins, except for the racists making money because of it.

What needs to happen is employers need to look at potential employees on paper without any reference to skin color and hire the person most qualified for the job. Nobody cares what color the new guy’s skin is except the racist, but everyone working for that employer benefits if the most qualified is hired no matter his/her skin color.

Right now, in America the Government is bending over backward to give something to Black people, but what are they giving them? They are giving them years of racism to look forward to. Is this what America needs?

In our ignorance society has failed to see the real issue, instead stopping to play the race card. Take a minute, look around you. What do you see? You see people of all different colors suffering the same issues. Now, disregard skin color. Next, look for a common denominator for the issue. It comes down to economics. And taking from the Whites and giving to the Blacks doesn’t fix that. It only creates a reason to hate on the Blacks. But were a program to help people regardless of skin color resolve the economic issue be of help? It wouldn’t be a reason to hate on each other unless mismanaged by some racist favoring one race over another. I discussed Black in this paragraph because the recent civil unrest has everything going to Black people, which is funny. The government and Corporate America are pissing all over themselves trying to make the Black people happy, they’ve forgotten all the other people, including the other minorities.

I wish I could get my message to someone of influence. We have an opportunity here. Now, in the midst of this civil unrest, we can make a change.

  • Stop playing the race game,
  • Eliminate anything race specific,
  • Stop pandering to the racist,
  • And, treat all men as equals.

Yes, this will piss a lot of racists off because their racist organizations would be closed in lieu of an organization that could fairly support all races. And all those racists that won’t give honest equality a chance are going to have to be ignored for the betterment of us all. It really is not that hard to not see skin color. All it takes is growing beyond being a racist.

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