Is It Time for Us to Take Up Arms to Defend Ourselves from Black Lives Matter?

There is no question, Black Lives Matter is a racist organization, and little doubt exists that they care not at all whom they harm. Peaceful protest is not part of their plan while spreading fear and creating racial unrest is their method of operation. Destruction to people’s homes in Wisconsin this week demonstrates that Black Lives Matter will target innocent people for an argument with the government.

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How long are we supposed to fear the violence of this gathering of racist before we protect ourselves, our families, our property?

Most of America believes the lies that Black people are treated worse and killed more by police due to data obtained from a Washington Post’s database. And the lie continues because people fail to research the data themselves.


Black people should have serious concerns about where this is all leading to. First, you have Black organizations making “Bank” off the racism being created. Then you have the harm being caused to others by their actions and the racism created by such. And the biggie . . . All you people gathered so close, many unprotected, all emotional and breathing heavy, shouting loudly . . . Are you contracting the Corona Virus. It has already been determined that Black people are more likely to die if they contract the virus. Aren’t concerned that this whole situation is part of a bigger plot, to eliminate the Black race in its entirety?

Face it, who benefits from racism? Only the people profiting from it. A situation in which emotions have created a need to confront police is causing people to get killed by police, that years from now we will still ask why. Nothing is being solved. New racism from loss of property, violence, and fear is being created. And the only ones getting anything out of it are the racist.

This is a time to stop looking at skin color for an excuse for the failures to society. You cannot fight racism with racism, it doesn’t work. And your present acts are scaring the hell out your friends and neighbors, people you have lived close to for years, many have become close friends. I am not talking just White people; I mean all people. Many are asking if they will need to defend themselves from their neighbors. Is this what we want for our communities, for ourselves, for our children?

It is time to stand-down, take a breath, get out of people’s faces, quit confrontations, and see what happens. There will be a change for the better, provided it isn’t derailed by other acts creating further racism. And your neighbors will be able to sleep at night without the fear of violence awaiting them in the night.

Forget skin color. Look at every situation without skin color. You will likely find an issue that has nothing to do with skin color. That is what needs to be fixed. And we should all be as one while confronting the government, with a common goal.

Maybe, I am a “wisher and a dreamer” but I believe people have been played by racism long enough. Let’s get past racism and move on to a better future. If you think slavery chained you, think of how long racism has chained us all.

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