When Were Black People Enslaved In California . . .

Yesterday morning Governor Gavin Newsome signed into law reparations for Black People, which suffered due to slavery. This may not seem so important but when were Black people enslaved in the State of California? I don’t remember very much of my High School History classes, but I don’t recall California having a large Slave population at any point in history. So, does this mean that California is going to pay reparation to Black people that did not reside within the State of California during nor suffer slavery while living in California? Where do our politicians come up with this shit.

Somebody please tell our Governor to come visit this web site. How do you eliminate racism, you spend millions of dollars developing programs that are racist in nature? Keep in mind that anytime you create a program that excludes any race or is race specific in nature, you create racism.

For those of you not following the program closely let me bring you up to date on our present situation.

  • We started with the Washington Post’s database that lied telling people that Black people got killed more by police than the other races.
  • Every Black person that is killed by police sparks protests and and regardless the persons guilt or contribution to his/her death, it’s a murder by police.
  • George Floyd is accidently killed by a cop who is restraining him by placing his knee in the top of Floyd’s back, sparking nation-wide rioting, looting, and violence. Government is sacrificing cops lives in effort to ease tensions. The racist Black Lives Matter organization is officially born and funded by White corporate donations.
  • Nation-Wide protests, riots, looting, and acts of violence start and continue in some cities for about a week and in some states still continue today. The cop responsible has been charged with murder because Floyd resisted and restaint was necessary.
  • Breeona Taylor gets killed by police because one of her friends or family shot a cop as the police entered her apartment serving a “no-knock” search warrant, adding more protests. I may have this backwards. Taylor may have been killed before. In the subsequent witch-hunt 5 cops were charged with her murder, 4 were cleared of the charges and 1 was charged with a lesser offense as he fired blindly into the apartment. Additional riots and protests following the Court findings.
  • In the interim Mayor London Breed of San Francisco creates a new program giving a base income of $1000.00 to pregnant Black and Island women in reparation for prior racial neglect by society.
  • And now, Gavin Newsome who I believed might make a great President someday, proves himself as stupid as any other politician by signing reparations to Black people for slavery 100 years ago. Newsom is the Governor of California.

And with the exception of about 4 or 5 cops being shot, is about where we are today.

To all of you that believe giving money to racists will solve the problem of racism, YOU ARE WRONG! Stopping racism starts with not creating more racism. Nobody gets anything unless everybody gets it. Making people pay for the wrongdoings of their ancestors is bullshit, unless everyone has to pay for the acts of their ancestors. And in this case, the Africans that sold their people into slavery should break open their diamond mines and pay Black people this reparation. Members of my family died fighting to free the slaves, nobody paid anything more for that.

I just cannot wrap my mind around how a politician can make a decision such as this without taking into consideration other factors leading to today. Equal Opportunity Employment required Minorities be hired instead of more qualified Whites for about the last 40 years. But we bitch if the gal doing the boss gets promoted. do you have any idea how much racism came from this decision? Who benefitted due to this program? Who didn’t?

School bussing to desegregate schools was another racist program. How many would have enjoyed a much different life had this program have not been created. Who benefitted due to this program? Who didn’t?

So long as one skin color gets something at the expense of another, racism gets to flourish from it. Quit pandering to racists and racism! Get rid of anything that is race specific and do everything based upon actual circumstance. If a program is developed to feed the poor, then feed all of the poor. You want to promote education, give everybody a chance to go to school. This is not that difficult an idea to understand. Quit being racist people, that is all it takes.

2 thoughts on “When Were Black People Enslaved In California . . .

  1. If state governments of the USA adopt legislation to begin the process of paying the descendants of African American slaves’ reparation for the horrors of slavery, it will create a very unusual situation.

    No doubt, today’s American taxpayers will fund these reparation payments. But we need to remember that many of today’s taxpayers are the descendants of “white” Americans who sacrificed their lives to free African American slaves. If the descendants of these brave Americans have to fund reparation payments to the descendants of the slaves they died to set free, how insulting to their memory would it be?

    Perhaps the African American cause will be better served if they let sleeping dogs lie, give thanks to the descendants of those brave men who died to set them free and move forward with gratitude instead of enslaving themselves by looking back in anger.



  2. I believe you have responded to this very well. I’d had hopes that this site would take off fast with many people creating conversations and active participation. But, we have little participation now and even less conversation. Please visit often and participate as much as possible. I believe the subject matter chosen for this site is information that needs discussion by All races for the betterment of all.


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