Another Interesting Headline . . .

“Police departments seeing modest cuts, but not ‘defunding'” is the headline I noticed this morning. Since the death of George Floyd, there has been more violence, crime, hatred, and fear in this Country than any other time that I can recall. Add the Coronavirus and the world burning down around us to the rioting, looting, and violence created by lies about Blacks being killed and treated worse than the other races and suddenly America is not as wonderful as it was yesterday.

Why would any local government even consider defunding their police under these circumstances? Truth be told, defunding should not even be a consideration. Most of the cries for defunding are being prompted by racist organizations that are making a living off racism. They have nothing to lose as they will continue to profit as their efforts are creating a new racism nation-wide. Nobody pays attention to common sense even when it’s right before their eyes, so long as they can blame racism for the problems in this country. Another truth be told, this Country was enjoying the best racial harmony it has ever had, less than a year ago.

Let your mind travel back close to a year ago . . . Tell me we weren’t getting along better than any other time in our history. Racism was being held at bay by simple desire to get along with all of us. But, our current problems did not start as recent as a year ago. No, our problems started with the Washington Post who decided they were going to prove to the world that Black people were being killed more than others by building a database of all of the killings by police nation-wide. And, the Washington Post did an excellent job in collecting said data. But, they failed dramatically when it came to reading their database.

You see, they stopped at the point of Black people being 13% of the U.S. population, and poisoned the Country with that finding. The facts are, that although Black people make up about 13% of the U.S. population, the Black population is not spread around the nation, the significant population of Black people is only within ten to twelve States. In those States, the Black population within the larger cities and suburbs isn’t 13% but ranges from 23 to 54 percent almost equal to the population of white people in those same cities, and in at least one city Black people have a higher percentage of the population than the other races.

I can only see simple reasons for the Washing Post, and the U.S. Government not to speak up about the lies created by the 13% information. Racism is profitable. Pitting one race against another sells newspapers, makes government abuses less obvious, and prevents a collected action by the citizenry. Believe me, any elementary school student (Alright, any 5th Grade student can find the data saying just as I have. So why hasn’t anybody reviewed the data to see if I am telling the truth? Is it because they are too lazy to do so? I think it is either fear of people telling them that they are full of @#$%^&, or because racism is profitable.

You will note that there is nothing being done to stop racism. Quite the opposite is the plan right now. Instead of Government developing programs to benefit all races, they are creating a new racism by selective race benefitting from these programs. It has become “Black Lives Matter” and nobody else does. And, the new racism is born! Who is responsible for this?

Every person that has failed to look at the data and learn the truth, before standing and making claims that Black people are treated worse and killed more by police than the other races holds a portion of the blame for this. Every Politician, Government Agency, Law Enforcement Agency, Educational Institution, and all the people employed within are the most to blame. Because rather than do the work required to make the determination that race has extraordinarily little to do with our problems and considering the possibility that economics is the problem.

We will never beat racism in this Country until we look past the color of skin to find the true problems we face. I am not a highly educated person, and I have no crystal ball or other magic to see this. Isn’t it about time we open our eyes and do something positive for this Nation, for ourselves? Truly quit being racist, look past skin color and fix the genuine issues we all face.