Street renaming after George Floyd approveed by Minneapolis City Council

Hold up? Hold Up just a minute? Is this for real? For the record, George Floyd should not have died that day. But, how did he die? He died because a cop accidently killed him trying to restrain him while resisting arrest. And then, using the lies that Black people are abused and killed more than the other races by police, the racist Black Lives Matter organization helped set off weeks of riots, looting, and violence around the globe. Are you freaking kidding me?

  • Police were trying to arrest George Floyd and he resisted arrest leading to his being dropped to the ground and restrained by police.
  • While being restrained an officer placed his knee on George Floyd’s back to restrain him and did not realize he was killing George Floyd while doing so.
  • After George Floyd’s death the “Black Lives Matter” movement suddenly found themselves with the perfect name to take advantage of his death. They were receiving large donations before they even had a chance to say anything about it.
  • The Black Lives Matter movement is a racist organization that serves to take advantage of Black People by use of propaganda while making themselves rich from donations. They encourage rioting, looting, and violence based upon lies derived from a Washington Post database that has been mis-read.

Since George Floyd’s death public cries to defund police and dis-band police departments has led to some cities doing so. Presently in these cities mayhem and murder rule their streets and they ask themselves why?

No, George Floyd should not have been killed that day. But he himself participated in the decision to have it happen. All he had to do was cooperate with the police allowing his arrest, he chose not to.

George Floyd is no national hero. He did nothing special to warrant his name being used by government for anything. With all the Black people that have done something that should be given recognition, how the hell did we give recognition to a criminal resisting arrest?

The news article that brings us here!

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