Making Money Off Hate . . .

How easy is it to start a legal hate group? How easy is it to use that hate group to pull themselves into the lime-light of life and spring eternal into extremely rich?

Black Lives Matter started as a racist organization and continues along those lines to this day. Started by three Black women about five years ago, they had no idea where BLM would take them. But quick to take advantage of the death of George Floyd, they found their launch pad. George Floyd’s death coupled with the lies that Blacks are treated worse than others by Police started the ball rolling and then the donations gave them bank.

George Floyd’s death was unfortunate and wrong. It should never of ended that way. But, I have to ask the question . . . How did George Floyd end up on the ground in the first place? The reason I ask is because it’s funny, White people often find themselves on the ground because they resisted arrest or failed to comply with the cop’s instructions. I cannot think of a single situation where the person being arrested was thrown to the ground and then held by force to the ground that didn’t involve resisting.

This may come as a surprise to most of the world, but in America it is a citizens responsibility to cooperate with Police

  • A person shall not willfully fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order or direction of a police officer .
  • Police officers do not get to order citizens to do “whatever they want”!
  • If you are arrested, and the arrest is illegal, you cannot say the arrest illegal, the Courts make that decision.

History is full of situations in which cops have told people to do things that were not necessary but for the most part if a cop tells you that you are under arrest, most anything after that you pretty much should cooperate and do. If the arrest is unlawful, you get to sue the agency performing the arrest and in some instances you can get paid for your troubles.

But, should you choose not to do as the nice Officer asks you to do, it will likely be interpreted as resisting which means there is a high probability you and/or the cop can be injured.

Suddenly there are organizations being formed usually based on things like skin color, sex, or some other thing to identify the harmed group of people. The problem with this is the identity of a group. People get so wrapped up in these specific identities that they fail to realize the issue is bigger than that, or they are forming their own hate group.

Add a little bit of donations to your group and you have begun making money off of Hate. Now you can say, “No I am not a hate group” but, to somebody suffering the same issue, their exclusion from your group creates the hate. Look at all the racial based organizations. Do you really think any issue they have is only relative to them? Everything an issue to one race, likely also has impact on the other races, exclusion causes hate. Yes it is quite easy to profit from running a hate group.