How To Stop Racism

Actually, it is simple. Just everybody stop being whatever color you are. No more “Blackness,””Whiteness,” or “Otherness.” I know it sounds stupid, but think about it. If you were not the color you are, would all of your preconceived racial beliefs matter anymore?

Every race has their own beliefs and opinions on how their race is impacted by others. And each race has a lot of bullshit in these beliefs.

The claim that Black people are treated more poorly and killed by police more than Whites is a garbage claim supported by manipulation of data, and is not true.

But, somebody has allowed this manipulation of data to continue a lie to such a degree that everybody including lawmakers, educators, and even clergy believe this claim. I need correct that. Everybody has allowed that claim be made without challenge. Recent rioting, looting, and even killings have taken place and it started with this claim.

You cannot stop racism by being a color. Being a color and trying to stop anything because you are that color, creates it’s own racism. If you support a single color, excluding others . . . Isn’t that racism? Wouldn’t not being of a race be better than being a race at all?

Then we have social influence. Every race has problems with interracial relationships. Here in the U.S. it’s a common sight, but in some countries a mixed race relationship is looked upon with hatred. Religion doesn’t so much separate by race, or does it? Religion may not directly create racism, but in following the Church beliefs it could have a racial impact. Family and friends are a great influence for racism. Is your best a racist? Don’t you get tired of their racial comments and slurs? How strong of an influence are they to you? Schools are the best place to not be racist, if the other people would let you.

Then the all time racial trigger, ANGER! It doesn’t matter what the color, sex, or any other thing the other person is, if they piss you off it’s racial real quick with the insults based upon race. And once that first racial insult is made, there is no taking it back. It matters not the color of your skin, your friend or lover calling you a racial slur in anger will forever harm the relationship.

Under the definition of racist, no person of color can be a racist. Racists is a term specific to White people in regards to their interactions with others of a different color. Yeah, well the original definition was written a long time ago:

RACIST: If you treat any other person as a lesser person than yourself based on skin color . . . You are a racist.

If you believe you are entitled to more than others based on the color of your skin . . . You are a racist.

If you have a problem associating with someone of a different race based upon their race . . . Yep, you a racist.

So, I have made my case, to stop racism, you have to quit being the color you are. Try it! It may work very well for you. If it doesn’t . . . You are probably a racist, please try again.

The biggest blockade in the stoppage of racism is organizations representing race. The moment you support any race exclusively, you create racism. These organizations make money to exist off that racism. Instead of forming an organization based on skin color, why not form an organization that is based on the real issue? Look around you, if you have an issue that you believe is racial, are others of other races having similar issue? So why not form an organization that serves both the true issue and the people that truly need it.

My point is, quit being racist. Seriously, try it. It isn’t that hard. Sure, you have to take responsibility for your own acts, and learn how to interact with others better. But, it isn’t bad.