Am I Expecting Too Much?

I do not find it unreasonable that the world suddenly discover me and subsequently beat a path to my door. I mean I have a pretty good grasp of reality. (What was that . . . Don’t worry he’s just hearing those voices again. Hey, those voices are real, I also hear them.) I write purty good and if you excuse the often misspelled words like there/their, are/our, and the sudden loss of what I am doing . . .

Let’s try this again. Is it unreasonable to expect that by some miracle somebody might stop by this site and find it so interesting, so fascinating, so insightful, and so entertaining that they would tell all their friends about what a wonderful site I have here and immediately they would follow? No, I do not find that to be unreasonable, so one or two of you guys are goofing off.

You see, word of mouth sometimes is the best promotion of many things and I am trying to send a very important message to the world. But in doing so most people come off sounding like they wear an aluminum foil hat most the time. I don’t even have any aluminum foil, I swear. So the recommendation of others of reasonable sanity can go a long way. (What’s he talking about now, he don’t know anybody of any sanity. Stop, he’s trying to think.) Would you guys get out of my head for a few minutes, this is important.

Anyway, I’m trying to tell the world that this racism crap is just that, CRAP!

You cannot eliminate racism by making one skin color more important than others.

You cannot eliminate racism by using color as an excuse for everything.

You cannot eliminate racism by pointing fingers at others.

You cannot eliminate racism by allowing racism to be used to avoid looking for the real cause of issues.

You cannot eliminate racism by forming groups and organizations that are racist by nature.

The way to fight racism is to quit being racist. I know, it sounds just a bit too simple, doesn’t it? But, if you eliminate skin color from your mind for a few minutes and then think of the issues and then consider that all of the races are experiencing the same issues, you will see that there are issues that require attention for everybody regardless skin color.

The true problem of racism, is racism is the problem. But, not how you would think. Every organization that carries in its name to serve for the betterment of one race, is racist. The moment you form a group to serve only a certain group, excluding others is either racist or criminal (or both). We are promoting racism in effort to fight racism and we are profiting off racism. And most of today’s racism is caused by those screaming the loudest about the existence of racism.

The truth be told, race is less the issue than monetary wealth. Eliminate low income neighborhoods by providing a decent income to the poor and watch how quick “we all get along.”

Anyway, as I was saying . . . Some of you folks is goofing off. Spread the word to your friends, family, and mental professionals that there might be something of value over here and then tell them where “over here” is. I will appreciate it and you might feel good for doing it. (Okay, so I’ll feel good about you doing it.)