Damn, That Hurt

Yesterday, while driving home from work I took a scrape and tumble with my motorcycle. Don’t know how, don’t know why, but I did and it hurt me worse than the bike.

But, that is not truly what this post is about. You see, when you are laying there underneath your motorcycle, trapped, with the exhaust pipe burning a hole into your leg . . . In between the “Damn that hurts” and the “Oh shit,i’m stuck” comes the holler you don’t even know you made, “Help, somebody get this motherfucker off me”. I was trapped beneath my bike and could not push it off as we had both come to rest against a cement divider wall on an off ramp. To get me out of this would require assistance or changing into my Superman underwear.

However, as cars full of White people passed my old leg on fire white ass, none stopped. But then, a young Black man rolls up runs over to me, picks my bike off me, helps me get it off the wall, and then hands my my cell phone and broken bike parts,and then goes about his way.

Young man, you are what we are talking about. Thank you, for helping me. Thank you for your courtesy, concern, and patience yesterday. I know I was a little foggy headed and I forgot to even ask you your name. But, if by the slimmest chance you happen to read this blog, I want you to know that I truly thank you and appreciate your assistance.

Thank You

Rich Brunelle

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