Let’s Talk About George Floyd

Let’s preface this by saying there is no question George Floyd should still be alive today, under no circumstance should he have died in police custody, and his death was avoidable.

But, was the police officer acting racist or was George Floyd’s death racially motivated? Allow me to play devil’s advocate for a few moments. The officers approached Mr Floyd telling he was under arrest for committing some sort of crime. While attempting to handcuff Mr. Floyd he became non-compliant and resisted his arrest. The end result was Mr Floyd was taken to the ground. While on the ground Mr. Floyd continued resisting arrest and the officer felt it necessary to to kneel on Floyd’s back. While on the ground Mr. Floyd continued to resist, this time telling the officer that he couldn’t breath. The officer, not believing Mr floyd continues holding him down with his knee.

Now how many people were in the immediate area. Everybody that heard George Floyd cry for help and did nothing is guilty of murder or at least conspiracy to commit murder. You have a responsibility to do something to prevent his death if possible. So did you holler at the officer, did you approach the officer and do anything to stop him? What, you don’t think you can intercede when an officer is unknowingly killing someone?

Do you think it made any difference at all to that officer, the color of George Floyd’s skin? Could have before he resisted, didn’t matter a bit after he resisted. What mattered was his size, how strong he was, and if he was complying with his arrest. Race does not factor into the resistance equation. Do you really think the cop decided to kill a Black man in front of all these people with intent to get away with murder? Right?

If racism plays a role in George Floyd’s death, it’s in the voice of the witness. Negligence definitely! Racism, nope.

American society is so quick to play the race card,that sometimes we look beyond it. George Floyd should not have died. George Floyd should not have died even if he resisted arrest. But, ask yourself . . . Would George Floyd be alive today had he not of resisted arrest?

Now an entire nations political structure has shown their lack of backbone by failing to stand up for themselves and the citizens of this Country. The cop that killed George Floyd needs to be charged with negligent homicide, along with every witness that allowed it to happen. And, every back-sliding politician that has failed to stand up for the Country needs to be voted from office as soon as possible.

This Country allows the playing of the race card far too easily and those doing so are the racist in our society . Quit being racist. We can all get along, and all lives matter.

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