Decision Making 101

How About We Learn To Accept Responsibility For Our Own Actions…

Think about the things you do that are simply, fucked up. Seriously, give it some thought. Do you think any of us want to put up with your shit? You act out all over the place, making people nervous, upset, and afraid. And, you don’t care. Sooner or later somebody drops a dime on you and next thing you know the local police are on scene

Now, you believe that there are witnesses and these police will not hurt you. Are you in for a rude awakening? You see,when these police show up on the scene, one of them is going to approach you and likely tell you to do or stop doing something. This is where you have the ability to demonstrate intelligence, or lack of such. But this decision is all yours, nobody else makes this decision for you. But maybe this decision has already been made for you.

Did somebody while you were young tell you not to listen to police? Did somebody tell you that it is cool to act like an ass or argue with police? If somebody did, then they have told you wrong. And it can and will affect both your wallet and your health. You see, in this kind of situation the whole world is looking on to see what the cop is going to do. To the rest of the world you are suddenly the victim. But you’re not the victim. Everybody that had to put up with your shit to this point, as well as the cops trying to deal with you now, are the victims. You are the offender.

Did you take an aggressive posture to the officer? Did you have a weapon? Had you recently committed an act of violence that the officers were responding to. Did the officer tell you to stop doing something? Did the officer tell you to drop your weapon? Does an officer have to wait until you hurt him before he takes action? The answers to these questions are demonstrative of your intelligence also. Because the intelligent person complied with the officer and knows the officer does not have to wait for you to hurt him.

But, it’s not cool to let them arrest you. . . If you committed the crime, who gives a shit about how cool you are. You probably weren’t cool in the first place. But, if you didn’t do the crime . . . Why fight? Why not let them take you to jail Let them put you through it all the way to your Attorneys office where you take them to Court for their misdeeds? It’s much easier to fight a legal battle over false arrest if you are not in a full body cast. And, getting paid for their violations is far better than getting hurt or killed

The point I am trying to make is if YOU make the right decision when dealing with police,more often than not things will turn out okay. But if you choose to do otherwise, accept the responsibility for your actions and quit acting like a victim. People assume that the police can or should go fist to cuffs when dealing with a combative person. People assume that an officer should engage in hand to hand combat rather than use their sidearm. If you have never filled a position of employ that has you working behind a badge, are you qualified to make an assessment on the officers actions? The question you should be asking is if the person the cops have to deal with complied with instructions of the officer. If he did not comply, it was his choice. Quit sticking up for somebody else’s bad decision. What would your decision have been under the same circumstances?

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