Do Whites really have it better than Blacks?

Most people believe that White People have it much better than others. While I would like to say that statement is true, I can’t. Years ago when economics played a role in White privilege it was rare to find a white woman in section 8 housing, on food stamps, and unemployed. Now, it’s commonplace. The premise of “White Privilege” does not apply unless you have the money to go with it. If you are “wrong side of the tracks ,” trailer park trash,” or just “white trash” without a good income, your neighbors are all minority and it doesn’t embarrass you to buy grocery with “food stamps.” And, you have it no better than anybody else in the neighborhood.

What I am trying to say is, “White Privilege” does not exist. “Affluent Privilege” has taken it’s place. Now, if you have the dollar regardless your skin color, you’re privileged.

No longer can just any white boy get the job, the girl, and the car and live off being white. Interracial relationships are another common occurrence, although I think more White women have had sex with Black men than Black women with White men. And probably the worst job in the U.S. has got to be being a White Cop. Between the law tying your hands and your Department Administration giving you up even when you are right, it’s a shit job that you cannot win. A Black cop can shoot a White man, nobody cares. A White cop shoots a Black Man, it doesn’t matter the White cop loses, everything.

Nope, I would say that it is money not skin color that allows privilege. It is true however, that White people still have not accepted the in-flux of Black people moving on up into their neighborhood. Many of these whites are becoming overnight celebrity for their inappropriate activity in their interactions with Black people.

One notable issue of conflict that seems to have offended a lot of people is the term “Black lives Matter” which is the war cry of the “Black Lives Matter Organization” Many feel that “Black Lives Matter” infers that other lives do not matter. Many more people would support an “All Lives Matter” but have difficulty supporting the individual “Black Lives Matter” and see the “Black Lives Matter” as racism.

Wouldn’t it be funny if we one day discovered that all of this is being controlled buy some old rich White Dude, and he’s making bank off it in donations to the Black Lives Matter organization . . .

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