Corona Virus

There are lots of conspiracy theories about Covid-19. Everything from opening the jar containing the virus allowing it to escape in some lab, to Trump trying to regulate population growth. Well I have my own conspiracy theory. (Actually, a couple theories. We can discuss one here.

We all know that everything you read on the Internet is true. And, if the guy in the the News then it has to be true.

My Theory about the CornaVirus is simple. There is far too many people this planet and the CoronaVirus is our governments way of discretely reducing population. Think about it. It went through the United States pretty quick, leaving over 100 thousand dead. But before the first go around ended it was determined that 100 thousand was not enough. So now, we have relaxed most of the precautions we were taking to prevent catching the virus. We are reopening our cities But the corona virus hasn’t decided to give up yet. This is where we have to look backwards a minute. The first pass of the virus caught a lot of old folks, people with other ailments, and a handful of others.

The second coming of the virus has a slightly different plan and it seems more prone to Black people. Right behind the Blacks protest and riots seems mighty convenient. It’s almost like there is some rich ass white racist navigating things doesn’t it? Let the idea rattle around in your head for a few minutes, then tell me what you think.

Have you got your own theory? Tell us about it.

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