BLM Attacks

Someone either BLM Member or Supporter/s has been attacking statues believing that removal of the statue somehow benefits the Black people, but they’re missing the boat on this one.

Statues of people generally serve as a method of remembering the individual. Removal of the statue allows me to forget. It would better serve the BLM to leave the statue alone and educate the people to include the offensive acts of the statues subject. With the statue removed, nobody will remember what the person ever did.

Say you have a statue of Willie Coyote in your city central park that commends him for his tireless efforts to capture the RoadRunner. But, what if it was learned that Willie Coyote was a freak that liked doing weird shit to RoadRunners after catching them? Wouldn’t you want the world to know what wrongdoings he had done? The statue should be left standing and a plaque affixed to it that tells the story. Imagine every visitor to that statue for the next hundred years learning the truth about the person. When you remove the statue nobody has to remember anything at all.

You want the world to know what wrongs committed by an individual, what are you gong to do, write a small newspaper article that’s forgotten in a week? Use the statue to tell the world. Just consider a young middle school student writing his term paper on your statue, reading it in front of the class. That is the power you are throwing away.

Keep in mind that the BLM Movement is based upon the claim that Black people are killed by police and treated worse by police than the other races. There is no data that supports this claim.

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