Is Somebody Making Money?

Could it be that the “Black Lives Matter” organization is making a lot of money and using the Black population as a means of doing so? I have never been much into conspiracy theory but it seems as though something just isn’t adding up. For years the claim that police kill more Black people than other races continues to inflame the Country every time a Black person is killed by police. But, the data collected does not support that claim. Claims that Black people are treated worse by police than the other races are also not supported by data collected. Actually the data collected by organizations attempting to demonstrate these claims true, demonstrates a far different story.

So how does most of the world believe and act upon data that does not support their doing so? Books have been written, education given, and political positioning has taken place. Well educated people of all races will tell you that the aforementioned claims are true. And almost the entire world has taken to the streets recently rioting, looting, damaging property, and hurting others in belief these claims true. I really hope someone proves me wrong because what I’m saying is a whole bunch of smart educated people have gone off half-cocked and tore the whole Country apart based upon bullshit. But that is not what this article is about.

So with the belief that I am correct in my research that Black people are neither treated differently, nor killed by police more than the other races, what is going on here? All the damage, the violence, the racism practiced for why? Who is going to benefit from all this? Somebody is getting rich off this, but who. I’m telling you folks, this does not add up. Some of you folks need to quit playing lemming and look at this situation or one day soon you may discover your contribution to somebody else’s bank account will be written in the history books.

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